Introductory Course

Class level: 5 grade in Japanese Language Proficiency Test for complete beginners

  • Course content
  • - Ability of 100 Kanji/800 words
  • - Basic listening
  • - Basic pronunciation
  • - Memorization of daily conversation
  • - Be able to express one’s opinion in simple sentence
  • - Applied practice

Elementary Course

Class level: 3~4 grade in Japanese Language Proficiency Test for those who know the words, but cannot communicate using them.
for those who can answer yes/no question, but not very well at long and complicated sentence.
for those who want to make question.

  • Course content
  • - Ability of 300 Kanji/1500 words.
  • - Improving listening comprehension in daily life
  • - Practice pronunciation which is hard for foreigner.
  • - Basic communication
  • - Practice on conversation in casual lines

Intermediate Course

Class level: 2nd grade in Japanese Language Proficiency Test for those who can communicate in daily life, but have problem on speaking naturally

  • Course content
  • Ability of 1000 Kanji/6000 words
  • Practice listening news
  • Practice more Japanese-like pronunciation
  • Discussion/Debate
  • Role playing

Advanced Course

Course level: 1st grade in Japanese Language Proficiency Test for those who aim at a college/a graduate school
for those who wish to talk with Japanese fluently, with your own opinion

  • Course content
  • Ability of 2000 Kanji/10000 words
  • Training for listening comprehension on profound lecture
  • Making speech on current topics
  • Aim at higher level at speaking by having discussion


Enrollment Qualification

IECC welcomes students from all countries, on condition that either you have graduated from a high school by 12 or you have a qualification which is equal to academic attainment.

Class Hours

Morning class
09:00〜12:35 Monday〜Friday (20hours/week・800hours/year)

Afternoon class
13:00〜16:35 Monday〜Friday (20hours/week・800hours/year)

※You have a placement test before determine which course to take, and of course, an interview to listen to your request.

Admission Time & Study Period (3time per year)

Month of Admission Application deadline Length of Study
April Nov.20 in the previous year 2 years
July Mar.20 of the year 1 year and 9 months
October May.20 of the year 1 year and half


Application Procedure

  • Getting College Student Visa is necessary to apply for the college preparatory course. Here’s a process below.
  • 1.

    Submit the necessary documents with 20,000yen as an application fee to our office.

  • 2.

    The office will apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the Japanese immigration bureau on behalf of you. Having no problem, the COE will be issued by 2 months before the course starts.

  • 3.

    Please pay the entrance fee after we inform the issue of COE.

  • 4.

    Go to a nearest Japanese embassy to obtain a visa.

  • 5.

    Make sure to come to Japan in order to register as a student.


It won’t be paid back if you cancel to take the course, so do you fail to obtain the COE.

Click the images to study entry example.

Application documents

Prepare documents stated below in person.

No. required documents details
1 6pieces of photographs identity photographs taken within 6months (3cm×4cm / 6pieces)
2 Application form for enrollment Application form※1
3 Curriculum vitae※1 Curriculum vitae※1
4 degree diploma Your degree diploma or a certificate of school attendance of the last school attended in home country
5 the others Applicant’s bank balance certificate if you are going to pay by yourself in Japan. A copy of your passport, disembarkation card,;certificate of employment, basic resident registration card, family register

※you can download them from the web. Except your passport, the original documents should be submitted with translation.

Document concerning expenditure of going abroad to study payment(A.When the applicant bears expenditure of going abroad to study)

No. required documents details
1 Remittance Agreement※1
2 Applicant’s bank balance certificate
3 the others Applicant’s income certificate Certificate of employment

Document concerning expenditure of going abroad to study payment(B.When you remit expenditure of going abroad to study from the home country)

No. required documents details
1 Remittance Agreement※1
2 Financial supporter’s bank balance certificate
3 the others Employment Certificate or Corporate recording list of financial supporter Certifying documents for relationships between applicant and financial supporter Income Certificate.

Document concerning expenditure of going abroad to study payment(C.When the domestic supporter bears expenditure of going abroad to study. Please submit documents below in addition to the documents stated in B.)

No. required documents details
1 Certificate of tax payment and Income Certificate Nozeisyoumeisyo(Certificate of employment and the most recent tax payment certificate)
Juminhyo(a registry of current residential addresses) or a copy of residence card.
The juminhyo must have a current listing of all people currently residing at the address.
2 the others A copy of Certificate of alien registration

※You might be demanded to submit some other documents when it’s needed.


Tuition (breakdown of first-year tuition)

Course Screening fee Enrollment fee Tuition fee Textbook fee Educational activity fee Accident Insurance fee Total
3months - - 110,000 - - - 110,000
1year 22,000 55,000 594,000 20,000 10,000 10,000 711,000

※Japanese yen
※Tuition fee needs to be paid by year, not split.
Test fees are not included in the tuition fee.

Tuition Fee Remittance Bank Account Name

Bank Name The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Branch Name Nippori Branch
Account Number 0155172

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