• Orientation
  • Beginnig of lectures
  • Little holidays
  • First EJU exam
  • Extra lesson held each class
  • EJU registration
  • JLPT exam
  • Orientation for July Course starter / Beginning of lectures
  • Cultural event : Yukata class
  • Summer vacation
  • JLPT registration
  • Picnic
  • Orientation for October course starter / Beginning of lectures
  • Second Eju exam
  • Second JLPT exam
  • Christmas party
  • Winter vacation
  • Opening the third term
  • A speech contest
  • First EJU registration
  • Extra lesson held each class
  • Cultural event
  • Completion ceremony
  • First JLPT registration
  • Spring vacation


Residence Card

Foreign visitors who are staying in Japan more than three months are required to carry their Residence card.

Application method At each airport at the time of entry
Required documents Passport and one ID photograph are needed.

Open Bank Account

Foreign visitors who are staying in Japan more than six months can open an account with a bank.
- Your Residence card, passport and a personal seal are needed.
- Business hours AM9:00~PM15:00

National Health Insurance

To take out insurance, go to a nearest ward office National Health Insurance Division.


We recommend you to have your own bicycle. In that case, you need to register it to prevent from being stolen. In addition to that, you are required to park it to the allotted place. If your bicycle is taken away because you missed to park it to the allotted place, you must pay 5000yen to bring it back from the Bicycles storage center.

Find A Room

Generally, house rent is paid by month in Japan, and the length of contract is 1~2years.

Classification Contents
At contract guaranty money You pay a deposit of one to three months’ rent, but a part of it is to be paid back to you when the term of the contract expires.
nonrefundable one month’s rent as key money
a commission One month’s rent as a commission to a real estate agent.
a rent The rent is to be paid in advance.
sponsor When foreign visitor rent a room, you need a Japanese sponsor. If you have no acquaintance in Japan, a security company can be used. In that case, you need to pay 30% of the rent as a commission.
the term of contract Usually 1~2 years
If you want to extend your renting a house Renewal fee One month of rent is needed as a renewing fee.
When you move out You ought to tell your real estate agent at least one month before you move out.
caution! Don’t paint your room nor hit nails without permission of the house owner.
You might to pay the cost of repairing the room if you don’t abide by the rule.


JASSO(Japan Student Services Organization)

Applicants’qualification Students who have a recommendation from a Japanese-language education institution. Usually 100% percentage of attendances
Allowance 30,000 yen per month
Grantees One or two people from our school
Duration a year (April-March)
Application period Early April to early March



To work part-time, you need to obtain the Permission to engage in Activities other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted. It can be issued in airports.

Permission Time

Maximum of 28 hours a week is available to work


working in adult entertainment business is forbidden.


00yen~1000yen per hour is common payment by the hour, and the cost of transportation is often paid for you. If you work 4hours a day, 25days a month, you will earn 100,000yen~120,000yen a month, and fully enough to live.

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